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LR-Cal Kalibriergeräte / Calibration Equipment von / from DRUCK & TEMPERATUR Leitenberger - GERMANY

LR-Cal LPC 300 Elektronischer Druckkalibrator / dokumentierender ProzesskalibratorElektronic Pressure Calibrator

Model LR-Cal LPC 300

Documenting Process Calibrator

The electronic pressure calibrator LR-Cal LPC 300 is used for high precision calibration of pressure instruments, e.g. pressure gauges, pressure transmitter, digital manometer, pressure switches, overpressure protection valves, etc.

The LR-Cal LPC 300 is a very user-friendly, accurate and compact solution for pressure comparison calibrations. The built-in reference sensor LR-Cal LPC-S is changeable; several pressure ranges can be covered with one LR-Cal LPC 300 unit (up to 10).

All standard pressure ranges between 0...250 mbar (0...4 psi) and 0...1000 bar (0...14500 psi) are available as well as vacuum and absolute pressure ranges in accuracy ±0.025% FS. Furthermore, ranges up to 6000 bar are available with accuracy ±0.1% FS.

The electronic pressure calibrator LR-Cal LPC 300 measures pressure, volts and milliamps and supplies 24 VDC as source for transmitter. Calibration procedures can be pre-defined and used for calibrations on site. The LR-Cal LPC 300 is featured with USB- and RS232-interfaces and is powered by a chargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack (no "memory effect").


Description of Pressure Calibrator LR-Cal LPC 300

LR-Cal LPC 300 Druckkalibrator in der Anwendung mit Kalibrier-Handtestpumpe LR-Cal LPP 30Features designed from professionals for professionals

  • Accurate, high resolution, compact, rigid
  • Pressure ranges from 0...250 mbar to 0...6000 bar, as well as vacuum, compound and absolute ranges
  • Changeable reference pressure sensors LR-Cal LPC-S
  • All standard pressure units (plus one self-definable)
  • Conversion pressure to volt/milliamps and vice versa
  • Stores calibration data (plus time stamp from integrated real time clock)
  • Pressure switch test function
  • Menu-driven operating in several languags (English, Italian, French, Spanish, German)
  • Large illuminated colour display
  • Lithium-Ion battery powered
  • Power supply 24 VDC output for pressure transmitters
  • USB- and RS232-interface
  • Calibration certificate, traceable to national standard included in scope of standard delivery (for pressure, current and voltage)

The reference pressure sensors LR-Cal LPC-S are equipped with a welded stainless steel membrane, they are suitable for aggressive media, which do not destroy stainless steel 1.4571.

Einfache Bedienung des Druckkalibrators LR-Cal LPC 300The LR-Cal LPC 300 features a complete numeric keypad and cursor block, for easy and simple entering of data.

The electronic pressure calibrator (documenting process calibrator) LR-Cal LPC 300 can be operated in three different modes:

Measuring Mode:
First, the operator defines the unit under test (analogue or digital, pressure range, accuracy class, pressure unit, gauge or absolute pressure, gaseous or fluid calibration medium, power supply 24 VDC on or off).

Then, the comparison calibration can be made: The display shows the pressure range of the LR-Cal LPC-S reference sensor, the true pressure measured by the LR-Cal LPC 300, the pressure range of the unit under test, the output signal of unit under test (measured if it is a transmitter, to be entered manually if it is an analogue pressure gauge), deviation in selected pressure unit of unit under test, deviation in percentage of full scale value of unit under test.
With one view the operator sees wether the unit under test is within it's specification (accuracy class) or not - at every test point.

15 different pressure units are available for selection, plus an user-definable pressure unit. The resolution adjustment (decimal point setting) can be made very comfortable.

Calibration Mode:
In this mode, calibration procedures can be pre-defined, incl. management of units under test. One procedure has following data: Same like "Measuring Mode", plut Calibration Number (program no.), Serial number of unit unter test, location number of unit under test, test pressure points (up to 32 for each unit under test), dwell time (seconds) between test pressure points.

Up to 16 units under test with each 32 test points can be managed by the LR-Cal LPC 300 at a time.

Later on, it can be worked on the pre-defined calibration procedures, e.g. on site. The values are saved in the internal memory of the LR-Cal LPC 300 and can be transmitted to a PC via the USB- or the RS232-interface.

Also, in this "Calibration Mode", the operator can see on one view wether the unit under test is within it's specification or not.

With the optional PC software LPC-Cal the calibration data can be downloaded to a Windows-PC and printed out (via MS-Excel).

Pressure Switch Test Mode:
After specification of the unit under test (pressure range, power supply 24 VDC On/Off), the electronic pressure calibrator LR-Cal LPC 300 shows the actual status of the pressure switch.

Settable basic parameters:
Several basic parameters can be entered into the LR-Cal LPC 300, e.g. ambient temperature, fluid level difference between reference and unit under test, Language (English/French/Italian/Spanish/German), Setting of the realtime clock, Setting of the display, Setting of the powersafe function, Indicating battery level, Tara value (offset), Indicating Min/Max values, Setting/indicating alarm values, Digital software filter, USB- and RS232 settings.

Scope of standard delivery:

  • Pressure calibrator LR-Cal LPC 300 with built-in battery pack (Li-Ion)
  • Mains charger 110...230 VAC with EU/UK/US adapters
  • Set of measuring leads (red/black)
  • Swivel nut for fixing the reference sensor on calibrators housing
  • Certificate of Calibration for pressure, volts and milliamps
  • Operating manual (English or German)

Koffer für Druckkalibrator LR-Cal LPC 300Optional Accessories:

  • Protection caps (IP 54) for measuring plugs
  • Windows-PC Software LPC-Cal
  • Transit case with foams
  • Extension cable for connecting reference sensor (if reference sensor shall be operated seperate from calibrator, in every case necessary for high pressure ranges above 1000 bar)
  • Reference sensor LR-Cal LPC-S free of oil (some ranges)
  • DKD-/DAkkS Certification for pressure reading

Pressure Ranges

Pressure Ranges of Reference Sensors LR-Cal LPC-S

Available standard pressure ranges LR-Cal LPC-S
Accuracy ±0.025% FS

Pressure Range [bar] Kind of pressure
overpresusre [bar] burst pressure [bar]
0...0.25 gauge 1.6 2.4
0...0.4 gauge or absolute 2 2.4
0...0.6 gauge or absolute 4 4.8
0...1 gauge or absolute 5 6
0...1.6 gauge or absolute 10 12
0...2.5 gauge or absolute 10 12
0...4 gauge or absolute 17 20.5
0...6 gauge or absolute 35 40
0...10 gauge or absolute 35 42
0...16 gauge or absolute 80 96
0...25 gauge or absolute 80 96
0...40 gauge 80 96
0...60 gauge 120 550
0...100 gauge 200 800
0...160 gauge 320 1000
0...250 gauge 500 1200
0...400 gauge 800 1700
0...600 gauge 1200 2400
0...700 gauge 1200 2400
0...1000 gauge 1500 3000
-0,4...0 gauge 2 2.4
-0,6...0 gauge 4 4.8
-1...0 gauge 5 6
-0.25...+0.25 gauge 1.6 2.4
-0.4...+0.4 gauge 2 2.4
-0.6...+0.6 gauge 4 4.8
-1...+1.5 gauge 10 12
-1...+3 gauge 17 20.5
-1...+5 gauge 35 42
-1...+9 gauge 35 42
-1...+15 gauge 80 96
-1...+20 gauge 80 96
-1...+24 gauge 80 96
-1...+39 gauge 80 96

Available High-Pressure-Ranges LR-Cal LPC-S
Accuracy ±0.1% FS

Pressure Range [bar] Kind of pressure overpressure [bar] burst pressure [bar]
0...1600 gauge 2300 4000
0...2500 gauge 3500 4000
0...4000 gauge 5000 8000
0...5000 gauge 6000 10000
0...6000 gauge 7000 11000

Stated accuracies includes linearity, hysteresis and repeatability.


Specification of the pressure calibrator LR-Cal LPC 300

Overpressure warning   audio visual
Temperature compensation °C active, 0...50
Wetted parts LR-Cal LPC-S   stainless steel, welded membrane
Pressure port LR-Cal LPC-S   1/2" BSP male
High pressure above 1000 bar: M16 x 1.5 female, with sealing cone
Resolution   programmable, max. 6 digits + prefix + decimal point
Volts measurement V 0...1, 0...2, 0...5, 0...10
Volts resolution mV 0.1
Volts accuracy mV ±1
Milliamps measurement mA 4...20, 0...20
Milliamps resolution µA 1
Milliamps accuracy µA 5
Volts sourcing VDC 24 (min. 20 mA, max. 50 mA), Tolerance ±1V, switch on/off via menu
Temperature range °C Operating: 0...50; Charging the battery: 0...45
Ambient humidity % r.h. max. 80, non-condensing
Storage temperature °C -20...+60
Storage humidity % r.h. max. 80, non-condensing
Grafic display   TFT colour, high resolution
Funktions   MEASURE, CALIBRATE, SWITCH TEST, Min- and Max-values (leak test can be carried out), Tara, Min-/Max-Alarm, Filter, Zero set, Powersafe
Memory capacity   16 test items with each 32 pressure test points
RS232-parameter   4800, 9600 or 11200 baud, selectable
Battery   Lithium-Ion with intelligent charging electronic (charging time <6 h, Operating time >8 h with 24V output = On)
Mains charger   110...230 VAC 50/60 Hz with EU-/US-/UK-adapters
Electr. plugs   Charging plug 9V / 450 mA ±50 mA with metal protection cap
PC-Communikation USB and RS232 with metal protection cap
4 mm measurement plugs for measuring volts and milliamps, sourcing volts and switch-test
Dimension mm W 125 x H 210 x D 80
Weight g 850 (without sensor);  Reference pressure sensor LR-Cal LPC-S 230


Muster eines mit LPC-Cal erstellten Kalibrierzertifikats (mit Druckkalibrator LR-Cal LPC 300)LPC-Cal Windows-PC Software

After aquisition of calibration data with LR-Cal LPC 300 (in Calibration Mode), the calibration data can be downloaded with this optional Windows-PC software to a Laptop or PC. With MS-Excel the data can be saved or printed out in Calibration Certificate form. This form can be edited to be conform to users requirements (company logo, layout, etc.)

Select on the PC the calibration data (test items) to be transmitted and generate certificates of calibration with MS-Excel.

You can use all features of MS-Excel to adapt and configure the layout of the certificates to your requirements.


  • Windows-PC
  • Windows 98SE or Windows 2000 (SP4) or Windows XP or Windows 7
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • SVGA colour monitor
  • Printer
  • COM-port or USB port
  • Installed software MS-Excel version 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 or 2010
    (does NOT work with version 2013)

Manual for PC-software LPC-Cal: see DOWNLOADs.

Also you need following accessory:

  • RS232 cable for LR-Cal LPC 300, or
  • USB cable for LR-Cal LPC 300


Datasheet and Manual for Pressure Calibrator LR-Cal LPC 300

Datasheet and Manual can be downloaded as PDF files. To open PDF files, you need the ADOBE READER. You can get this software free of charge from ADOBE.

Software for Pressure Calibrator LR-Cal LPC 300

  • Simple FREE OF CHARGE Windows-PC software (not supported!):
    A RS232-cable, order-code LPC300-KAB-RS232 is required.
    Screenshot GRATIS-Software LPC300COM für Windows-PC und Druckkalibrator LR-Cal LPC 300
  • Windows-PC Software LPC-Cal  to be specified in order, if required; incl. USB cable:
    Information about LPC-Cal  here...
  • USB driver (latest version) for USB interface of LR-Cal LPC 300 to make a virtual COM-port on your Windows-PC:
    Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1:
    This drivaer makes a virtual COM-Port, used to communicate with your LR-Cal LPC 300 via USB port of your PC. This driver is needed for the above listet gratis software as well as for the optional LPC-Cal software, if the LR-Cal LPC 300 is connected to the PC via USB port. Furthermore, the cable with order-code LPC300-KAB-USB is required and must be ordered seperately.
    Manual for the USB driver (PDF): USB-driver-Win Manual.pdf

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