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LR-Cal Kalibriergeräte / Calibration Equipment von / from DRUCK & TEMPERATUR Leitenberger - GERMANY

LR-Cal LFC 80 Torque Calibrator

Torque Meter (bench type)

Model LR-Cal LFC 80

for test and calibration purposes

  • Ranges from 0...0.5 Nm to 0...2000 Nm
  • You can select from 9 torque measuring units
  • Accuracy ±0.20% FS
  • Incl. ACCREDIA (DAkkS) certificate from 1/10 of range for clockwise direction,
    Total uncertainty <=1% FS
  • Optional additional ACCREDIA (DAkkS) Zertifikat for counter-clockwise direction
  • PEAK function for exact detection of the "snap-point"
    (clockwise and counter-clockwise direction)
  • Programmiable "First PEAK" Funktion, makes calibration more easy
  • Optional: with data logging functionality


The LR-Cal LFC 80 is a torque bench for static measurements, composed of a digital indicator and a strain gauge torque, extremely rugged and compact with a precision better than 0.20%.
It is ideal for the calibration and control of torque wrenches, screwdrivers, direct reading and snap.

The indicator is powered by a Li-Ion chargeable battery with an autonomy of 80 hours, with the AUTO POWER OFF function, which occurs when there are not changes in measurement for a programmable period of time.

It allows in static mode a very high resolution and in PEAK mode an acquisition frequency of 4800 measurements per second.

The instrument and PEAK functions are working in clockwise direction as well as in counter-clockwise direction.

The display of the LR-Cal LFC 80 can be rotated by 90° to be able to work both, horizontally and vertically (using the optional 90° bracket).

The device is equipped with an USB 2.0 interface with a transmission rate of 4800 values per second in PEAK mode. A programmable "First PEAK" function makes it easy to avoid mistakes during calibration of torque wrenches.

For gradual and continuous reproducable movements of torque wrenches we recommend the mechanical support code LR-Cal LFC-ATC:

Mechanical support LR-Cal LFC-ATC for torque meter LR-Cal LFC 80


LR-Cal LFC 80 available torque ranges

Order-Code LFC80-8050 0...0,5 Nm       Order-Code LFC80-0100 0...100 Nm
Order-Code LFC80-0002 0...2,5 Nm Order-Code LFC80-0250 0...250 Nm
Order-Code LFC80-0005 0...5 Nm Order-Code LFC80-0500 0...500 Nm
Order-Code LFC80-0010 0...10 Nm Order-Code LFC80-1000 0...1000 Nm
Order-Code LFC80-0025 0...25 Nm Order-Code LFC80-2000 0...2000 Nm
Order-Code LFC80-0050 0...50 Nm    

LR-Cal LFC 80 Specification

Total uncertainty acc. EURAMET cg-14: 1% (from 10% to 100% of the range)
Linearity and hysteresis: <=±0.20% FS
Internal resolution: 24 bit
Normal mode measuring rate: 10 measurements per second
PEAK mode measuring rate: 4800 measurements per second
Reference temperature: 23°C
Working temperature range: 0...50°C
Storage temperature range: -10...+60°C
Temperature influence per 10°C: on zero <=±0.015%; on sensitivity <=±0.005%
LC Display: Figurs height 16 mm
Backlight (blue) 1...60 s programmable
additional bargraph indication
Programmiable resolution: 1, 2, 5, 10
Programmable digital filter from 0 to 10 (in normal mode; not applicable in PEAK mode)
ZERO function: working up to 100% FS
PEAK function: Clockwise direction and Counter-clockwise direction
Programmable "First PEAK" function Treshold value programmable 1...99% FS
Programmable AUTO PEAK RESET function: Reset of PEAK value after programmable time
Programmable AUTO POWER OFF function: From 1 to 30 Minuten (if measured value remains unchanged)
KEY BLOCK function: Avoids parameter changements by unauthorised personnel
ring units (torque): kNm, Nm, Ncm, dNm, kgf m, ozf ft, lbf ft, ozf inch, lbf inch
Communication interface: USB 2.0
USB continuous data transmission 4800 values per second (in PEAK mode)
Data transmission: on demand
Maximale USB cable length: 5 meters
Power supply: Built-in Li-Ion chargeable battery. Size 14500, 3.6 V
Battery charging: via USB
Typical operating time when fully charged: approx. 80 hours
Typiical charging time: approx. 8 hours
Mechanical test item connection ISO 1174-1:

Square (female)
Ranges 0,5/2,5/5/10 Nm: 1/4"
Ranges 25/50 Nm: 3/8"
Ranges 100/250 Nm: 1/2"
Ranges 500/1000 Nm: 3/4"

Maximal working load: 100% FS
Maximal overload: 150% FS
Burst load: >300% FS
Housing protection degree: IP 40 according to EN 60529
Material: Aluminium and steel, black coated
Sensor material: Stainless steel 17-4 PH


LR-Cal LFC 80 Options/Accessories

Order-Code Description Picture

Data Logging functions. Can operate in two modes:
• Automatic: cyclic logging (programmable 1 s to 10 h), in normal mode
• Manual: Logging on demand (key press).
Capacity: 60,000 values. Integrated real time clock. Logged values can be shon on display of the instrument or transmitted via USB to PC/laptop. Communication protocol is included in manual.


If distance between PC/Laptop and LR-Cal LFC 80 is larger than 5 meters, the optional RS232 interface must be used (here max. cable length 15 m). RS232C, 19200, 9600 or 4800 baud, transmission on software command.
Connection DP9 female on back side of the housing. RS232 cable order-code LFC-RS232-KAB recommended.

LFC-RS232-USB USB-/RS232 converter for PC/laptop  
LFC-HALTER 90° bracket for vertical mounting 90° bracket for LR-Cal LFC 80
LFC80-KOFFER Transit case with custom foams Torque meter LR-Cal LFC 80 in transit case
LFC80-L-AZERT ACCREDIA (DAkkS) certificate for direction counter-clockwise.
(Such certificate for direction clockwise is included in scope of standard delivery.)

LFC-ATC support tool

LR-Cal LFC-ATC mechanical support with LR-Cal LFC 80 torque meterMechanical support LR-Cal LFC-ATC

The mechanical support LR-Cal LFC-ATC comes with a double linear guide for the calibration and control of release or direct reading keys which allows the application of the load in a gradual and continuous way, by respecting the reference norm EN ISO 26789 (2004).

Code LFC-ATC-1000 for ranges to 1000 Nm, incl. 1 base plate for 1 LR-Cal LFC 80
Code LFC-ATC-2000 for ranges to 2000 Nm, incl. 1 base plate for 1 LR-Cal LFC 80

If the mechanical support LR-Cal LFC-ATC shall be equipped with further LR-Cal LFC 80 instruments, you can increase the calibration range of your equipment.For each additional LR-Cal LFC 80 you need an additional base plate order-code LFC-PLATTE.

LR-Cal LFC-ATC mechanical support with LR-Cal LFC 80 torque meterExample: to cover a range of 1 to 1000 Nm in class 1, you need three LR-Cal LFC 80 instruments, to be mounted into the
LR-Cal LFC-ATC mechanical support:
1 x code LFC80-0010 = range 0...10 Nm
1 x code LFC80-0100 = range 0...100 Nm
1 x code LFC80-1000 = range 0...1000 Nm
2 x code LFC-PLATTE = two additional base plates
1 x code LFC-ATC-1000 = mechanical support incl. one base plate


LR-Cal LFC 80 datasheet / manual

Datasheet and Manual can be downloaded as PDF files. To open PDF files, you need the ADOBE READER. You can get this software free of charge from ADOBE.

LR-Cal LFC 80 Software

  • USB driver (virtual COM-Port, for Windows-PC/Laptop)


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